Spirit of the Crossroads


Something pulls me,

It beckons me deeper into the shadows,

A longing for loneliness,

A longing for despair.


It lurks in depths of the forest,

Or perhaps it is within my mind,


Waiting for me.
I can feel its gaze,

I can feel its incredible patience,

It can never strike at me,

But it can do its best to lure me in.


I’ve encountered this entity once before,

Face to face,

In the crossroads,

Of the forest.


It did nothing to push me towards it,

It did not grab me and run,

It simply stood there,

And let me make my own decision.


That day I chose to turn around,

I didn’t follow it into emptiness,

Though ever since then,

I feel it pulling me back.


A smirk on its face,

A smug laughter in its heart,

It knows that I think about it,

It knows that I question my choice.


It will wait there,

At those lonely crossroads,

Until I return to it,

Until I agree to let it take me.





Deep into eternal darkness.



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