28 Day Writing Challenge! DAY 5


1. Iceland. I’ve been to Iceland once before and I absolutely love it there. I miss it every day!!!!! I am currently studying Icelandic and hope to get into a distance learning program with the main university there in the academic year of 2018. I love everything about Iceland, the food, nature, culture, language, history- it is my favorite place and I hope to go back soon!!!

2. New Orleans, Louisiana. I’ve been here before and I LOVE IT!!! New Orleans has to be one of my favorite places to visit. I love the food gumbo, jambalaya, poboys, beignets- ugh you name it and I’ll eat it it’s so GOOD! I love the art and the culture in the city. I love street musicians so walking around the city is so magical for me. It’s also very spiritual there which I resonate with. The architecture there is so beautiful too! I love the houses in the Garden District the most- absolutely gorgeous!! I could rave about New Orleans all day long! (It’s no surprise that The Princess and the Frog is my favorite Disney film 😉 )

3. Japan. I’ve never been to Japan and I’m not sure where I’d want to go there but I just generally want to visit the country. I love the culture there- people seem to be a lot more polite and structured than they do in the USA and I think I would do great in that environment. I would love to see the bamboo forests there and visit the hot springs. I would also love to visit the parks and islands that roam with deer and cats and whatnot- that would be sooo cool! I think trying some authentic Japanese cuisine would be amazing- I’m all for trying out foods from a specific country and culture! I love Japanese food in the USA so I can imagine it’s a thousand times better in the actual country (and probably very different!). Id probably do a ton of shopping in Japan too- because who doesn’t love bringing home a little piece of a place you travelled to!?

4. Nova Scotia, Canada. I grew up going to Nova Scotia and it’s one of my favorite places in the whole world. It’s by the sea so everywhete you go it smells lovely of the ocean and they have dense forests as well. I used to love to find bones and crabs by the beach and go to Peggy’s Cove and climb the rocks. I have so many great memories there and I would love to go back and make more. If you ever have a chance to go- then do it! It’s absolutely amazing. (AND THE MUSSELS ARE THE BEST THING EVER!!!)

5. Manhattan, New York. I have been to NYC many times and I would love to go again as an adult!!! I would love walking through Central Park, going to the zoo, going to a Broadway show, exploring Times Square (especially going to the Toys R Us store! I love stuffed animals), going to Dylan’s Candy Bar, and I LOVE this one restaurant called Benash Delicatessen that I go to every time I visit (their burgers are the best!). I would love to find other places in NYC to explore that I haven’t gone to before but I also would just love to revisit where I have been. I love NYC!

Comment below somewhere you would like to visit! 🙂

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