28 Day Writing Challenge: Day 3



Hello all!

For today’s topic I have to talk about what annoys me. So, I thought that I would go in a countdown almost and do my least annoying pet peeve to most annoying. Let’s go!

3. When people aren’t organized. This was more pertinent when I was in school but this still applies for today. I hate it when people wouldn’t have their pencils or pens in class and would always ask for one. I was always confused because if you are in school wouldn’t you make sure you at least have two on you just in case? I always had a ton of writing utensils with me (because I draw a lot and write a lot- so I was always prepared) so I was confused when other kids had none with them. Another example of this was last year when I was doing university. My roommate was a disaster at organization. She always left her keys in the room and asked me countless times to let her in. It was extremely annoying. So, I absolutely hate when people are disorganized!!!

2. Loud noises. Now, I am kind of a hypocrite at this I will admit because I love playing loud music when I’m alone, but I hate it when I’m with others. Loud noises hurt my ears if they aren’t constant- like with a beat or something. So loud talking, laughing, videogames, and even music that I’m not used to, drives me up the wall.

1. When people don’t attempt to understand each other. This has been especially apparent during this new political era. There is a huge divide between people- mainly liberals and conservatives that don’t understand each other or try to! With my writing I always try to think of the opposite perspective than the one I have and try to see what one might feel like. Even if it’s something that I don’t agree with it’s a fun exercise to try and see what life is like in another person’s shoes. I wish that people could do that now. I feel like more problems and disagreements would be worked out if we just talked with each other and tried to come to a middle ground. However, it seems like people are content with their uprisings, rebellions, attacks and I unfortunately do not see that being put to an end. The world saddens me a lot today in many ways, and the lack of understanding between different walks of life is the main thing that upsets me.

I hope that you all enjoyed this! Comment what your pet peeves are in the comment section below if you would like- I would love to see what you have to say! 🙂 I will be back tomorrow with another writing challenge, or I might be back later tonight with a poem or something!

Have a great day! 🙂

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