Overcoming Lack of Motivation


Hello all!

I am making a more heart-to-heart post rather than just a poem or something today. 🙂 I wanted to give you all advice and tell you what I do when I come to a point where I lack motivation to write, draw, or do anything really. Sometimes it can be hard- you hit a rut and you just can’t seem to get out of it. You feel down, depressed, and lazy. But you can get out of it- you just have to try different methods, and fight it. I will make a list of things for you all to try out to help you get out of that slump!

  1. Read a book! Books are great for inspiration! Maybe try to go out of your comfort zone and read a different genre. Sometimes that can pique your interest to put a new kind of perspective in your writing. Or you can just discover a story you love that you would never read otherwise!
  2. Watch a new television show or a movie you’ve never seen! I love learning about deep characters and great plotlines and one of the best ways is to delve into a television show- or a movie (though television shows have more room for things to happen because they are longer works). You may get some inspiration from that!
  3. Take a walk! Sometimes just taking a stroll in the woods or around the city can be great. Even in a place that is familiar to you, you can see new things. Different people walk the same paths you walk, perhaps there’s an event going on, or the season has changed. Get some inspiration from nature and the senses around you, you might come to see there’s more than just meets the eye!
  4. Do writing prompts! One of my favorite pasttimes is to search up writing prompts and try them out. It’s fun to have to create characters and a story on the spot and see where your mind goes with it. A rule I would instill with writing prompts however, is do not be too serious with them! Let your creativity flow and see what happens!
  5. Listen to music! When I write or draw I always have to listen to music! I have set up a bunch of Spotify playlists for different occasions. I have one for when I’m writing my novel, one for relaxation, anything! Create something that reminds you of a story or that motivates you to get up and do what you need to do, it can be very helpful.
  6. Play videogames! I absolutely love playing videogames! My favorite ones are World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Immersing yourself into a videogame world with all of the quests, characters, and scenery can really help give you ideas and motivate you!

There are many other things that you can do for motivation like exercising, watching the news, socializing with friends, and meditation. So, if you feel like you can’t get out of a hole you’ve dug for yourself, try out some of these points or something else that you wish to do to help you feel better, stay motivated, and get going!


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