Self-Destruct (Poem)

fullsizerender-49Sometimes I’m the one who was wrong,

Sometimes I’m the one who had hurt someone,

Sometimes I’m the one who is to be blamed,

Sometimes I’m my worst enemy.


I’ve made other people’s opinions,

My priority and what I focus on,

When I really should be listening,

To the ones who mean most to me.


I end up getting into situations,

That I didn’t want to be in to begin with,

And I see how it tears me apart,

And makes me someone that I’m not.


It can be destructive,

Putting too much faith in others,

Especially those that do not care for you,

So why have I done it?


I have realized my mistakes,

I do not want to repeat them ever again,

I want to rely on those I love,

I want to know their feelings.


I need to show the ones who are close to me,

How I feel about them,

Show them that I treasure them,

Show them that I care about them.


I was being so moronic,

I was being so stupid,

How could I put strain on my relationships,

For people that I don’t even know?


I will not do this again,

I will put you first,

I will love you,

I will make sure that your needs are met,

I will listen to you,

And I will trust you,

Above all others.





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