Unrealistic Expectations (Poem)

FullSizeRender (47).jpg

I was raised upon,

A set of rules,

That were not to be broken,

For disappointment would follow.



You cannot be quiet,

You cannot go out,

You cannot be alone,

You cannot do what you enjoy.



I was caged in a prison,

Felt judgement’s eyes upon my back,

I never felt relaxed in my own realm,

I never could be comfortable.



I no longer sleep under your roof,

Yet I feel the anxiety creep in on me,

You judge every move I make,

You judge every step I take.



I am not skinny enough,

Social enough,

Smart enough,

Experienced enough,

Rich enough,

To meet your standards,

I’ve always been a disappointment to you.



I began to feel myself,

Taking these insecurities out on others,

But that shall be no more,

I will not let your poison harm my actions.



I will dissolve the chains,

That you’ve suffocated me with,

I will not let your malevolent snake,

Strangle me until I’m unconscious.



I will do as I wish and be joyful.



I will rejoice in other’s happiness from what they love.



You can keep your misery to yourself.



For though you may have riches you are the poorest in your heart.





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