Stubborn Loyalty (Poem)


Sometimes I wonder,

If its still worth it,

To try to talk to people,

To try to make friends.

Whenever I seem,

To put my heart on the line,

It seems like its forgotten,

It seems like its not worth their time.

I yearn to form relationships,

To learn about others lives,

To be able to rely on someone,

And for someone to rely on me.

But should I even put in the effort,

Should I even put in the care,

I don’t know how much more I can take,

Of my heart being shattered to pieces.

I’m extremely loyal,

And maybe that’s my fault,

Perhaps not everyone needs another best friend,

Perhaps I should just stop.

If I’m your friend,

I’ll fight for you no matter what,

No matter if you hurt me or if you love me,

I’ll defend you to my own ruin.

But if you don’t want to be my friend,

Then let me know,

It hurts more when you leave me hanging,

Than when you let me go.

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