A Broken Heart (Poem)


Have you ever spent,

A million tears,

On a person,

Who doesn’t even blink in your direction?


Have you ever tried,

To show someone,

How much you love them,

And get no response like they don’t even care?


Have you ever received,

A message from that person,

Acting like nothing ever happened,

Like they hadn’t shattered your heart in a million pieces?


You don’t need to be romantic,

With another in order to be broken,

You don’t need to be intimate,

With someone else in order to love them.


I’ve cried about you,

Screamed about you,

Thought about you,

Worried about you,

And you repay me with this?


You never respond to emails,

To texts,

Or mail,

So why should I anymore?


You act like nothing has gone sour,

In our friendship,

Or that anything,

Has changed between us.


I don’t know what to say to you,

I don’t know how to act,

All I can do is cry,

I hate you,

Because after all of these years of pain,

I still love you.

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