Housetrap (Poem)


A big dark house sits on a snowy ridge,

It’s old and has not been cared for in years,

I chose this house to rent out with my friends,

I fear I may have chosen the wrong house.
We walk up to the house knee-deep in snow,

The lights are on and it is warm inside,

The landlord must have been here recently,

I see no footprints showing he was here.


I look around the house and go upstairs,

My friend the boy explores the house with me,

We go down the staircase and see someone,

In the window above the front doorway.


The man is looking angry at the door,

We go the other way to meet him there,

He does not say much other than these words,

“Be careful of this house and what it does.”


The man gave me chills up and down my spine,

I could tell that he scared my boy friend too,

We rush inside the house to tell our friends,

To pack and never come back to this place.


We try to get our cars out of the snow,

To no avail they will not even budge,

I go around the car and see something,

Barbed wire wrapped around the back tires.


We will start to freeze if we stay out here,

But it will be our death if we go back,

The two girls that are with us go inside,

The boy and I sadly follow the girls.


We start to cry and hold each other close,

The others show no emotion towards us,

They have already given up and died,

The boy and I are the only ones left.


We pace back and forth in the living room,

Wondering how we will get out alive,

He takes me by the hand and leads me up,

Alone in the small bedroom in the house.


He lays me down and takes my clothing off,

I do the same for him and we make love,

We die that night together in that house,

And darkness takes both him and me away.

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