Writing Novels and Thanksgiving

Hello all!

Today is going to be a very exciting and fun day! Other than cleaning my apartment (it’s so messy *_*) I am going to be spending the whole day editing/writing my novel and doing illustrated portraits of my characters that I’m putting into my novel! I have been doing lots of drawings of my characters but I was never satisfied with them. So, I took a different approach. Instead of making them look as realistic as possible, I am drawing them in a more caricature style. That style definitely fits my character’s personalities and the style of my book so I am very pleased. I’ve already drawn two of my characters but I need to draw at least 11 more. I’m not feeling rushed with this illustration project, so I don’t mind having a lot of portraits to do, it’s pretty fun. I don’t know if I’ll share any of my portraits with you all, I’m very secretive with some of my writing projects but I might. I’m hesitant as well because I want this book to be the first one that I get published. I’ve put a lot of work into this novel and it’s super dear to my heart, and it would be really neat to surprise everyone with it. I’m even hesitant to leak the title of my novel haha! Well, hopefully you all wont have to wait too long to read my novel, I’m going to send it to literary agents soon and I hope to get it published in the next 2 years, and if I cannot find a publisher for it then I’ll probably self-publish it- but I hope it doesn’t come to that point!!!! I hope it is well-received but I understand that publishing is not easy, so I’m ready for the challenges that I’m going to face in the coming months.

On another subject, is anyone excited for Thanksgiving? If you don’t celebrate it or know what it is, it’s basically the day in America where supposedly pilgrims and Native Americans came together and feasted together. As to how true that is, I have no idea. But on Thanksgiving nowadays everyone comes together, eats food, and says what they’re thankful for. I’m a little bit nervous for Thanksgiving this year to be honest. My whole family is of a completely different political affiliation than I am, and the presidential election was this year, so I have a feeling that there will be a lot of political talk at the dinner table. Let’s just say I’m pleased with the outcome of the election and they are heavily not pleased- so I’m a bit concerned that I’ll be attacked by my entire adoptive family. Well, if they do, I’ll just run over to my fiance’s parent’s house. They lean politically my way and they have southern Thanksgiving food- which is the best food in the world. I was raised in a part of the USA that is on the brink of being in the south but is a pocket of northerners, so I’ve been raised eating northern Thanksgiving food. Which is not that good haha. Sweet potato casserole and green bean casserole is where it’s at! So, I’m going to have to make some of those things when I go up. I’m going to check my Joy of Cooking cookbook to see if they have recipes for those things- I have a few more cookbooks I can check in too. So as for me being excited for Thanksgiving? I’m a bit nervous!

Anyways, I’ve got to go get ready for the day, clean, and write!!!! Have a lovely day everyone.

Much appreciation,


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