Drunken Honesty (A Drunk Poem)


Sippin on the bottle,

I begin to forget,

All of the problems,

Of this world I inhabit.


It’s not my goal to avoid,

Any sorrow or pain,

I just happen to move,

Onto another plane.


I feel myself blossom,

I become in tune,

With my soul and body,

I begin to bloom.


My outer shell has cracked,

I am not timid,

To show my true desires,

I am no longer rigid.


I express myself through my words,

And I express myself physically,

I am not ashamed to open up,

And give myself willingly.


You may think of my poorly,

Or call me foul names,

But I don’t listen to you at all,

Because you’re just stuck in your chains.



Lounging on a couch,

I’ll be in my drunken high,

For just this night I’ll celebrate,

As you pout and scream and die.

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