Using Anger for Motivation

Hello all!

This morning I was thinking a lot about politics and I became very angry. I am just so frustrated with the world right now- especially with my generation. I cannot believe how much violence is taking place at the moment. So many protests, bullying, hatred just everywhere. I was getting a bit down because of this and I felt so powerless. Then, I listened to some music which not only spiked my energy back up making me happier, but it also reminded me of the book that I’m working on.

I won’t spill the beans of what my novel is about because I’m very private with my large works, but I’ll give you all a hint. It’s a scifi novel and it involves aliens and world domination. When I began working on this book, my goal was to show everyone how fucked up our world is. There’s a lot of controversial stuff in my novel that I want to use as a tool to show that we humans actually do much worse. I want it to be almost a shocking piece to teach people something. One of my biggest inspirations in life is Brian Hugh Warner from Marilyn Manson. He always stays true to himself and uses shock value to gain popularity. Not only do his songs speak to me, but his art, writing, and the things he says really connect with me. I want to harness a similar way of reaching out to people that he has used.

Anyways, I had lost momentum with my book. I had come to a standstill with my motivation and it wasn’t really writer’s block exactly. It was that my content was getting worse and worse. I do not want it to be a fluffy book full of happy-go-lucky material. I want to shock people, disturb people, and get people connected to characters and a storyline that they never would have dreamed of connecting with. And today, I can write again. I’ve been internalizing all of my anger from the current events in our world instead of using it to my advantage through my writing. Now I can finish my book. I’m determined to get it done by the end of NaNoWriMo and send it to literary agents. I can do this. The shit in our world will continue no matter what I publish in my writing, but at least I can try to make a difference and use it to strengthen myself. Have a great day and stay strong everyone.

Much appreciation,



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