Things To Tend To (Poem)


fullsizerender-21As I sit here pondering,

On this cloudy November night,

My love is sleeping on the couch,

My cup of tea is to my right.


I think of all the people,

Who I put too much trust into,

How they eventually turned on me,

And showed me colors true.


I cannot be too bitter,

For they have left my life,

I have special things to tend to,

Being a writer, and a wife.


Some things take my attention,

And make me confused and sad,

It was all of my fault,

That I let it get that bad.


I began to think I was ugly,

Weak, worthless, and wrong,

But I have fought those feelings,

Now I am beautiful, worthy, and strong.


This life I truly cherish,

I do not want to spend it stressed,

I have things to tend to,

I need to be my best.

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