Sleepless Nights


Góðan dag! (Good morning/good day in Icelandic)

I see that I have a few followers of my blog already! Welcome! I really appreciate it a lot. It is early morning where I live, I’ve been up since about 4:30 AM actually. I do not have insomnia, I just tend to have lots of anxieties about sleeping- mainly sleeping alone. When my fiancé has left to go to work, sometimes it can be very difficult for me to go back to sleep. So, I´m making a cup of my favorite tea and I´m on the internet. I can get a bit irritable and down when I don´t have enough sleep though so I´m hoping to nap sometime later today. I wonder if anyone else is like that. There is something truly comforting about laying on top of my bed under a throw blanket, basking in the sun like a house-cat. I love it!

Something truly exciting this morning though is that I have skyr in my fridge! Skyr is an Icelandic dairy food that is a bit like yogurt but thicker and without the fat. I fell in love with it when I was in Iceland in 2015 and I’ve been hooked ever since. However, it’s hard to get the brand where I live so I have been eating Siggi’s Skyr, which is pretty good still. I don’t think that I’ve really been disappointed by any skyr flavor, though I will refuse to eat the coconut one- I hate coconut. Anyways, I do truly love Icelandic dishes. I am really hoping to get the Nordic Cookbook for Jól this year- or sometime in the future. I have been oogling over it for a year now. They have so many amazing food dishes from all over Scandinavia in it! I cannot wait to cook more, and to become good at cooking. I’m pretty sure I made myself ill yesterday because of a dish I made for myself- it was disgusting.

Ahh, going back to the previous paragraph, I want to talk about Jól! Without going into too much detail, because I’m not as learnéd as I´d like to be on the subject, Jól is a festival in the wintertime, beginning around the Winter Solstice, that many polytheists take part in. In my religion, Ásatrú, Jól is a time when the “Wild Hunt” is occuring. The Wild Hunt is when Óðinn scours the lands and harvests the spirits of the dead. Jól is a time when the world is at it´s darkest, and also when the veil between the living and the dead is at it´s thinnest. It is said that the dead have more power during this time. I really need and want to learn more about the holidays that I practice, because though I know quite a bit, it´s hard to bring some of that information out when telling others. Also, it´s hard to know who´s traditions are who´s. There´s a lot of mixing traditions in the polytheistic world nowadays which I dislike. I used to be more ecclectic but now I´ve found my path in Ásatrú and I´d like to keep it to strictly that. So, when it gets closer to Jól, I´ll make some other posts about what the holiday is truly about when I´ve learned more! 🙂 There is always room for learning and improvement. If you know anything about the Old Norse ways of practicing Jól and you´d like to let me know, comment or contact me! I´d love to learn! I hate being ignorant about something that I´m personally involved in! Well, apart from my ignorance, Jól has always been a special holiday for me since I started to celebrate it, and I am looking forward to it this year! My fiancé and I have our own home now so we´ll actually be able to celebrate it in the comfort of our own privacy. I was adopted into a Jewish household and his family is Christian so we had to kind of go on our own for Jól but now we can stay home and celebrate it without getting any weird questions from family members (primarily on my side I should say!!!).

Anyways, I should be off now. I have skyr to eat, tea to drink, and editing to do. My goal is to have my novel finished and edited by the end of this month and I’m severely behind so I’ve got to catch up! I will post again soon- expect daily posts, whether they’re like this where I ramble, poems, or stories. 🙂

With appreciation,




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